The Tempelhof Mountain

Do you still remember our Tempelhof talk? A couple of weeks ago we told you about the former airfield in Berlin that is now a public space. When the air traffic at Airport Tempelhof eventually stopped in 2008, there were tons of plans, ideas and suggestions on what to do with this large empty space in the heart of the city.
Have a look at this amazing project that the architect Jakob Tigges came up with: The Berg.

The plan was to construct an artificial, 1000 meters high mountain on the former airfield. Isn’t that cool? Especially given that the landscape in and around Berlin is super flat and it has no actual hills at all.

The mountain was supposed to be a recreation space for hiking, skiing and the city’s new tourist attraction.

This idea is so weird and cool at the same time, that even though the proposal was dismissed quite quickly, the Berg project found its way into the public discourse.

Check out these pictures of Berlin’s imaginary mountain! We hope you are as obsessed with this project as we are.

Here are some images:

And in case you’ve missed our Tempelhof episode you can listen to it here.

Photo credit:

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