Episode 10: The Reichstag Building



Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin


  • It took ten years when it was first built
  • The plenary chamber has 1200 square meters

The monumental facade of the Reichstag building sits right next to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. It holds the plenary chamber of the parliament. Today the place is a combination of its original late nineteen century architecture with very modern and futuristic features.

Like the Reichstag’s dome right above the third floor of the building. It has a diameter of 40 meters at its base and it looks like a glass spaceship that reflects the sky. What is great about it is that anyone can visit it and walk right on top of the plenary sessions. The people 47 meters high on the city and above its representatives in power. ❤

In the center of the dome you can see this mirrored cone. Very mirrored. 360 mirrors mirrored. There is a reason to that: the mirrors funnel and expand the light to the plenary chamber making the building much more environmental friendly. Do you want more environmental friendly cool stuff? The Reichstag building has on part of its roof no less than 300 square meters of solar panels for electricity. Also the generators of the building run on biodiesel from rapeseeds. Even the heating of the building is environmental friendly: they use the heating naturally created by the generation of electricity to cover about half of the heating of that gigantic building. Want more? Okay, the waste heat that is not used for other purposes can be stored 300 meters underground during summer to be used again when winter comes.

To visit the Reichstag, you can book an appointment online here or you can go personally to the booking center just across the street from the building. Visitors can even access it at night and have a cool night view from the city from the dome. It is important to plan ahead because there are limited spots for each time slot. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your ID card or passport! The visit and the audio guide, which is offered in 10 languages, are totally free and super worthy of your time.

For more on the history of the Reichstag building, listen to our talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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