Episode 16: Markthalle IX

markthalle 9


Eisenbahnstrasse 42-43, 10997 Berlin


  • Designed by Hermann Blankenstein
  • Built in 1891 and reopened in 2011

There were 14 market halls in Berlin all built in the late 19th century. The first one was built in 1886 to keep the markets more sanitary and make it possible for those to run during the harsh Berlin winter. From these 14 first market halls, only four survived in their original form.

Today we are going to explore Markthalle IX, the market hall of cool. Originally from 1891, the ninth market hall of Berlin, or Markthalle IX, is super nice. Here you can still enjoy local food and organic markets with very special homemade products like jam, beers, wine, wursts, and anything that is delicious. The specialties are not only German, but from all around the world.

The modernization of the place can also be seen on the events that are promoted there nowadays. They have pepper tasting day, craft beer day, sweets day, sausage day and so on. There is an event for anyone that likes to eat.

However, it is on Thursday evenings that the place is on fire. The Street Food Thursday is awesome. It consists on small food from around the world. No mega expensive delicatessen here, but so delicious that you want to eat EVERYTHING! To enjoy Thursdays there, make sure to show up with an empty stomach and ready to face a crowd of hungry hype Berliners.

Sunday is the world breakfast day and Markthalle IX knows it. That is why every third Sunday of the month is Breakfast Day there. You cannot miss this!

For more on the history of Markthalle IX, check out our talk bellow!

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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