Episode 18: Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Karl Friedrich Schinkel: rock-star German architect. Surely you have heard about this guy. He designed the Neue Wache, the Altes Museum and many other landmarks in Berlin. Check out our post to know the Top 3 Schinkel designs that you DON’T know about and out talk to get to know more about Germany’s all time favorite architect’s life.

  1. Friedrichswerdersche Kirche

This is super cool. The first Neo-Gotic church of Berlin and it is right in Mitte! It took six years to build it (1824-1830) and you might be wondering why it looks like it is not a work from Schinkel. Well, it is because Schinkel didn’t really want this chrch to look like that. He wanted to go Neoclassical on his church, but had to give in to the prince’s wishes to have old school style. This is also a place where you can see pretty much the original state of a Schinkel’s building inside and outside.

2. Schloss Tegel

By the looks of this palace you would never think that it was originally built in Renaissance style. Yes, it was. But that was back in 1558, when the place was simply a hunting lodge. By 1824, already in the hands of the Humboldt family, the place was rebuilt by Schinkel in Neoclassical style.

3. National Monument for the Liberation Wars

When Napoleon was kicked out of Germany, Germans were trilled, of course. So they had Schinkel design this super cool memorial to commemorate their victory. The memorial can be seen in the Victoria Park on the Kreuzberg Hill. This was Schinkel’s last design in Romantic Neo-Gothic style.

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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