Episode 20: Grunewald



Grunewald, 14055 Berlin


  • 3,200 hectares
  • Former royal hunting grounds

Grunewald is a forest in the western side of Berlin separated from Spandau by the Havel. It is a wonderful getaway spot for those craving for some nature. Find out the history behind this forest on our talk at the end of this post and check out here the TOP 3 adventures to do in Grunewald!

  1. Exploring Teufelsberg

The former British and American Cold War spy station lays on top of Teufelsberg, the Devil’s Mountain. And you can go and explore it. For more on Teufelsberg, check out Episode 04 of Go Walk the Talk.


2. Sunrise at Drachenberg

Worth the early hours. A short walk from the Grunewald Bahnhof, from Drachenberg you can see the sun rising just behind Berlin’s skyline to the East as the light invades the sky around Teufelsberg behind you. Beautiful.

from drachenberg

  1. Grunewaldturm

You are walking in the forest, hanging out doing your wandern and then BAM. Cool tower from the late 19th century. This tower was built for the 100th anniversary of Kaiser Wilhelm I and it has a great view over the Havel, Teufelsberg and Berlin. Worth the 4 euros investment that you pay downstairs at the restaurant (at least you get a 1 euro voucher to spend on ice cream).


Now that you have a list of cool things to do in Grunewald, learn more about the history behind this forest at our talk below:

Photos and episode: Roberta Caldas

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