Episode 21: The TV Tower

tv tower foto


  • Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin


  • Built between 1965 – 1969
  • Highest building in Germany
  • Popular viewing platform

Happy birthday East Berlin: What was the coolest birthday gift you ever received? No matter what it was – it will be difficult to keep up with the former GDR, as they received the TV Tower. The construction was a prestige project from the party leaders to show off the power and superiority of the GDR. The TV Tower was opened and introduced during the festivities for the 20th anniversary of the GDR on 7 October 1969.

The TV Tower is one of Berlin’s most loved monuments and the star of Alexanderplatz.

It is not only the tallest building of Berlin – but of the whole of Germany. No other construction in the country can bring you closer to the sky than the TV Tower will in case you decide to visit the viewing platform with a 360° panorama on the streets of Berlin below you. More than 1 million visitors climb the tower every year – well, actually you don’t need to climb, there is an elevator that takes you to the top, you just need to enjoy the breathtaking view. It measures 365 meters. That’s easy to remember: as many meters as days of the year. Actually, that is not entirely correct anymore. After a modification of the antenna in 1997 the tower grew 3 meters, so it now measures 368 meters. By the way, the TV Tower is the tallest building with public access in whole Europe. You better make sure to check it out.

For more interesting facts about the TV Tower – listen to our talk below!

Photo and episode: Ute Linden


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