Episode 23: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz



Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin
  • Named after political activist Rosa Luxemburg
  • Metro stop for the U2 line

In this episode we want to take you to a triangular square in Mitte that holds many stories and is able to please your thirst for culture, entertainment, outstanding architecture, nice and small design stores and politics.

Today, people heading to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz most likely will go to Volksbühne, a super good and famous theater or to see a movie in Kino Babylon, one of the city’s oldest and best-loved cinemas from the late 1920s.

The square dates to the early 20th century, and was renamed numerous times. It was only since 1969, that people know it as Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

But Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz is not only a place of entertainment and culture, but also of politics. In the 1920s, the Communist Party Germany (KPD) opened its headquarters at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, which was still called Bülowplatz at the time. The KPD was founded in 1918 with the mission to transform Germany into a communist state. Following the decision to dissolve the Prussian State Parliament, several violent riots took place and two top-ranking KPD guys shot policemen at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. The result of this action was that two of these policemen died.  

So who was Rosa Luxemburg? We hope you have a least heard about this cool lady. Actually, you could fill entire book shelves with exciting and brave stories about her. Get to know more about Rosa in this week’s talk below:

Photo and episode: Ute Linden

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