Episode 25: The Spree



  • River flowing through Berlin
  • Total lengths: 400 km
  • Source: Upper Lusatia

What makes every great city an even greater city? After walking alongside the watersides of Berlin, having panoramic views, watching boats and people, there can only be one conclusion: water!

Actually, water covers a total of 7% of the surface of Berlin – that is quite a lot compared to other metropolitan areas.

Berlin is lucky enough to have plenty of big and small lakes which, especially in summer, are everybody’s favorite hangout spot to cool down. But there is one body of water that is super characteristic in Berlin: the mighty Spree.

So you know the Spree, right? It is the scenic river that runs right through the heart of our city. In total, the river Spree is 400 km long and runs through Eastern Germany and for a tiny bit also through Czech Republic.

So yeah, we love the Spree, and there are probably only few things better than hanging out at the shore for a bbq or beer with friends. But the river holds many more opportunities for fun and adventures for you – here you go!

The very best Spree-related activities for you:

Paddle on the Spree
Of course taking one of the tourist boat trips on the river is nice, but what is even nicer? Go paddle yourself! Either bring your childhood rubber boat, or in case this is still buried under a pile of stuff in your parents basement, you can get a pedal boat or canoe at one of the boat rentals by the shore. From the water, you will have quite a new perspective on the cityscape.

Explore the Spree tunnels
Did you know that there are several tunnels that allow you to cross the Spree underground? Most of them are tunnels for the S-Bahn or U-Bahn, but some others are accessible for pedestrians. You might want to check out the Spreetunnel Friedrichshagen close to Müggelsee in Berlin’s East. The tunnel was opened in the late 1920s. Before the tunnel was built, you had to take a ferry to reach the other side of the shore. So now when you enter the tunnel, you are walking more than 8 meters underneath the water surface of the Spree – quite peculiar, right?

Bike the Spree cycle path
If you need a short break from the city, explore Spree area by bike. There is the so-called Spreeradweg, a bicycle route from the source of the river in Saxony through Brandenburg, the Spreewald and ending in the center of Berlin. The entire route covers a distance of over 400 km, so you might want to split it up.

We hope you are ready to walk the Spree with us – and if you want to learn more, check out our talk below! Go walk this talk!

Photo and episode: Ute Linden

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