Episode 26: Friedrichstrasse Railway Bunker

berlin bunker rcaldas


Reinhardtstraße 20, 10117 Berlin


  • 18 meters high
  • could provide shelter to up to 3,000 people

This building is super cool. The Friedrichstrasse Imperial Railway Bunker is your typical Berlin building: a bunker that was also a prison, that was also a tropical fruit deposit, that was also a club and that now houses a private art collection.

The collection contains many contemporary art pieces from artists from all over the world. The current exhibition is being displayed for three years already and it will be renewed when the show completes 4 years.

To visit the exhibition you need to book a tour that is offered hourly both in English and German. Because that there are no firescapes and the place can be very confusing, the tour is mandatory. But don’t be sad, it is totally worth it. It costs 12 euros or 6 euros for students and it lasts 90 minutes where you get to learn a lot about the artworks and the place.

For more on the history of the bunker, don’t miss our talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas


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