Episode 28: The Unknown Fugitive


May-Ayim-Ufer, 10997 Berlin


  • Memorial rock to a GDR fugitive
  • 138 known Berlin Wall victims

Have you ever seen this stone in Kreuzberg by the Spree river?

The Berlin Wall was directly responsible for the deaths of at least 138 people. There are several memorials in the city commemorating these victims, especially where former West Berlin was. This was a stone set for one of these victims, Udo Düllick, a short while after his body was retrieved from the shore by the West Berlin police and they still didn’t know Udo’s identity.

The memorial rock itself also has a story in the German division’s history. It represents the sadness of the people after knowing of Udo’s death and the protests that followed. And today, it is a reminder to all of us.

As November 9th approaches, the date that in 1989 the Berlin Wall was opened, it is important to remember these victims and recognize their commemorative markers in Berlin’s cityscape. Especially those set when the Wall was still standing. The memorial rock to the unknown fugitive is covered with graffiti. People do not know what that rock is about.

To know about Udo Düllick and his memorial rock’s story, check out our talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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