Episode 30: The Library Memorial



Bebelplatz 1, 10117 Berlin


  • Inaugurated in 1995
  • Could fit up to 20,000 books in theory



Super central, super Mitte. Look at your feet when you go there for the next time. You might be stepping at the memorial for the 1933 Book Burning. This memorial is called Bibliotek (Library) and it is an underground piece designed by Micha Ullman and inaugurated in May 1995, 62 years after the Nazi Book Burning at the same spot that it is commemorating.

On the floor, you can see a window to an underground library with beautiful white shelves that could accommodate around 20,000 books. But there are no books there. They represent the shelves that could be filled with all the writers that had their books burned in 1933, like Rosa-Luxemburg, Karl-Marx, Sigmund Freud and Heinrich Heine.

It is unexpectedly a truly impressive memorial.

To know more about the history behind the 1933 book burning, check out our talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas


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