Episode 31: Jewish Cemetery Weissensee



Herbert-Baum-Strasse 31, 13088 Berlin



  • Opened in 1880
  • One of Europe’s largest Jewish cemeteries
  • Size: 42 hectares

Have you ever been to Weissensee? The Northern Berlin neighborhood is probably not the most popular one to visit, but here’s a hot tip: it is really worth to make your way up there. Besides a pretty lake, which by the way is perfect for swimming in summer, Weissensee hosts one of Europe’s largest Jewish cemeteries. And we can tell you: this unique place is quite haunting and loaded with tons of memories and history. The Jewish cemetery Weissensee is testimony to the turbulent history and development of Jewish culture in Central Europe.

A graveyard wall encloses the entire cemetery which has a size of 42 hectares that equals an area of almost  60 soccer fields. And since we are talking numbers: the cemetery hosts around 115,000 graves. Some of the people buried here were very famous writers, painters, politicians and academics. Maybe even one of your personal idols is resting here?

So let’s first try to give you a quick overview of the area. When you enter the place through the main gate, you will find some yellow-brick buildings which are an administration office, the archive with all death records, the Tahara house and the mourning hall. Besides graves of individuals and families, you will also encounter a quite impressive Holocaust memorial to all the people murdered during the Shoa.

Curious to learn more about the Jewish Cemetery Weissensee? Of course we have a talk with more info prepared for you. And because listening and reading about places isn’t enough: go walk our talk!

Photo and episode: Ute Linden

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