Episode 33: Kulturbrauerei

kulturbrauerei roberta caldas


Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin


  • Originally a 19th century brewery
  • Today cultural center and event venue


Kulturbrauerei is a huge bricktstone complex in Berlin’s North. It’s amazing to look at, for example from the window of the U2 metro line which leaves its underground tunnel for a couple of stations and allows you to look at Prenzlauer Berg’s beautiful Altbau-houses and Kulturbrauerei.

But have you ever entered the place? It has more to offer than a beautiful façade!


The 3 best things to do at Kulturbrauerei:

3 – Historic tours
The days in which beer was brewed at Kulturbrauerei are over (unfortunately). But if you are interested in the history and traditional production of one of Berlin’s most famous beers, there is still much to see for you. Even though we understand that you already are out and about for exploring the places hidden corners and basements, remember to register for the tours beforehand.

2 – Free exhibition “Everyday life in the GDR”
Berlin offers many cool places for people who are interested in the recent German history and life during GDR times. One of these places you shouldn’t miss is the multi-media exhibition “Everyday life in the GDR”. It’s free of charge, and allows you to gain insights into living conditions in East Germany.

1 – Scandinavian Christmas Market
And here is why you need to visit Kulturbrauerei NOW: The Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt. It’s one of Berlin’s most charming Christmas Markets. What makes it so special you wonder? (after all, Berlin has more than 80 Christmas Markets)
So, it’s tucked away in a courtyard of Kulturbrauerei, and the historic brick stone buildings create a beautiful atmosphere. Plus, this is a Scandinavian Christmas market where you can taste local specialities (try Glögg, the Scandinavian version of mulled wine).


So now you got great ideas on how to spend your time at Kulturbrauerei, but of course we also want you to know some background stuff! Listen to our talk and walk the Kulturbrauerei!

Photo: Roberta Caldas | Episode: Ute Linden

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