Episode 35: The City Palace

city palace


Schlossplatz 5, 10178 Berlin


  • First founded in 1443
  • Demolished in 1950
  • Reconstruction started in 2013
  • Estimated costs of reconstruction: 552 million euros

Once upon a time, some centuries ago, the city of Berlin used to have an impressive City Palace. It was located in the heart of the old town, close to where today you find the Berlin Cathedral and the Museum Island.

Shortly before the end of the Second World War, large parts of the City Palace burned down during an air attack. And after the war, the ground of the City Palace was part of the Soviet Sector which later on became the GDR.

So how did the story continue? The heads of the GDR decided to demolish the remaining parts of the former Palace in 1950. Eventually, they erected the so-called Palast der Republik – the Palace of the Republic.

The GDR fell and between 2006 and 2008, the Palace of the Republic was demolished due to asbestos in the building. And for a couple of years, the space in the very heart of Berlin was a beautiful green lawn. But well, good things don’t last forever. Voices to reconstruct the old City Palace from scratch started to rise and currently, the construction of a new version of the old City Palace is one of Berlin’s many huge construction sites.

The question whether or not the old City Palace should be reconstructed caused a heated debate in Berlin and beyond. If you are curious about some of the main arguments for and against the reconstruction, listen to our short talk below. And after that: Go Walk this Talk!

Episode: Ute Linden | Photo: Roberta Caldas


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