Episode 36: The Berlin Wall

berlin wall r caldas


  • First built in 1961 and lasted until 1989
  • Approximately 160 km long

The Berlin Wall was around West Berlin, transforming it on a island in East Germany. West Germans and West Berliners were more or less free to come and go but the island was out of reach to the citizens of the GDR.

On our talk today you will learn the basics of how the Berlin Wall came to be, but you should definitely visit our TOP 3 Berlin Wall sites to learn more about it.

Bernauer Strasse Memorial

This memorial site holds an open air exhibition on what used to be the death strip of the Berlin Wall on that stretch. There you can learn more about the history, the mechanics, the escape plans and the victims of the Berlin Wall. It is a super cool exhibition and the favorite of the favorites if you want to see and learn about the Wall.


This is a really cool memorial museum located where the main refugee center for East Germans escapees in West Berlin was. It has a really cool exhibition telling what happened to those who eventually succeeded in escaping the GDR.

Mauer Museum

Not the most fun museum ever, but its history is already worth it: the museum was set right after the Berlin Wall went up. It is also the place to go to see the crazy things people came up with when trying to escape from the GDR.

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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