Episode 40: The Neptune Fountain



Spandauer Str., 10178 Berlin


  • Built in 1891
  • Designed by Reinhold Begas

The Neptune Fountain is definitely one the city’s most beautiful fountains: it was designed in a baroque style by the famous sculptor Reinhold Begas in 1891. He was the most influential sculptor in the late 19th century in Prussia, and especially in Berlin you can find tons of his creations.

So back to the fountain: originally, it was located in front of the old City Palace, which we told you about a few weeks ago, now you find it close to the city hall and the TV tower, still in Mitte, and close to its primary location. You will get to know more about this change of location in our quick talk below – so don’t forget to check that out, too!

Did you know that Neptune – the fountain’s name giver – is the God the Seas from  Roman mythology? Since the Renaissance, it became very popular in Europe to build fountains featuring Neptune.

In case you’ve never taken a closer look at the fountain: on its core you have an elevated Neptune with his typical trident surrounded by water animals and four beautiful ladies. Each of these ladies represents one Prussian river: the Rhine, the Vistula, the Oder and the Elbe.

Ready for more? Listen to our talk below and Go Walk the Neptunbrunnen now!

Photo and episode: Ute Linden

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