Episode 49: Gendarmenmarkt


Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin


  • Historic town square from 1688
  • Various historical buildings are located there
  • Buildings have been destroyed and rebuild several times


Berlin’s urban jungle is super diverse and offers much to explore: cozy courtyards, lush parks, massive former GDR housing blocks, interesting churches, medieval districts, the riverside and many many squares.

Squares in general are a really essential urban feature in a city as they create a lot of atmosphere and character. They offer a space for the community, a space to meet or to hold events. Originally, town squares mainly served the purpose to host the local market or public events.

Think about squares in Berlin. Which is the first one that immediately comes to your mind? Probably Alexanderplatz, right? But while Alexanderplatz is indeed super famous, it may not be the prettiest square that you can find in the city. If you look for an enchanting historic square, we’d suggest you to go visit the Gendarmenmarkt.

Extra tip: In December, you’ll find one of the city’s most magical Christmas markets here. But hey, don’t wait until winter: go walk the Gendarmenmarkt now (and then again for Christmas market)!

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