Episode 51: Berlin Philharmonic



Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1, 10785 Berlin

  • Opened in 1963
  • Designed by German architect Hans Scharoun
  • World-renowned for architecture and acoustics

Berlin’s architecture is diverse and really surprising, you won’t be able to identify a coherent style that shapes the city’s visual overall picture. And this is just one of the countless big and small reasons why Berlin will never be boring or monotonous.

And even in this vast and exciting architectural landscape of Germany’s capital, there is one building that really stands out with its shape, color and design: the Berlin Philharmonic.

You can find the Philharmonic in the Tiergarten district, which used to belong to the former West Berlin. It was opened in 1963, so just two years after the Berlin wall was erected.

Probably the biggest eye-catchers are the shape of the building as well as its golden façade and its almost tent-like shape. The asymmetrical building was designed by Hans Scharoun who is known to be a pioneer of German expressionist and organic architecture. He also designed the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin a few years later….you will get a clearer idea of Scharoun’s unique style when looking at these two buildings in comparison.
Wanna know more about who to listen for to the world-famous Berlin philharmonic orchestra for free?? Check out our talk below for more! Go walk this talk!



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