Episode 52: Invalidenpark

roberta caldas sinking wall


Invalidenpark, 10115 Berlin


  • Designed by Christophe Girot
  • Inaugurated in 1997

The Invalidenpark is not your regular Berlin park.

There is not much green to be enjoyed. It feels like is transitioning between the city’s concrete and gathering area. There is a lawn, old oaks and ginko trees, but the most interesting area, the area that Christophe Girot designed to represent a part of all the history that this part has witnessed is its central sculpture, also known as Sinking Wall. Although it is not made nor really shaped like the original Berlin Wall, it reminds us of the Wall and the checkpoint that used to stand a block away from there. Most importantly, it reminds us of the Wall that fell around there giving Berliners a sense of hope.

The sculpture is located on a water basin and can be climbed from behind to its top. During the warmer months, when the water is on, there is also a cascade coming from its top to the basin. To enter the park, visitors must step up and to exit, they must step down. This movement is supposed to represent past and present.

To know more about the history behind Invalidenpark, listen to our talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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