Episode 53: Gas Lamp Museum

gas lamp.jpg


Straße des 17. Juni, 10557 Berlin


  • Open since 1976
  • Biggest collection of gas lamps in Europe

Do you need an original idea for a romantic spring date in Berlin? Here’s a hot tip: when the sun starts setting and it starts turning dark, take a stroll through the amazing Tiergarten and walk along the avenue of the Gas Lamp Museum. The atmosphere of the flickering golden light of beautifully designed, historic gas lamps from many different cities will be quite appealing. Sounds good? Then listen up to our talk now to impress your date with some smart facts about the Gas Lamp Open Air Museum in Tiergarten.

The museum is located very close to the S-Bahn stop Tiergarten in an avenue of the park. A funny fact about this museum is that you might be visiting it without being really aware of what you are doing. It is basically a normal avenue in the park. And it is actually easy to overlook the artistic gas lamps on both sides of the way. There is only a small sign telling you about the fact that this is an exhibition space. Little badges on each of the lamps provide further information on its origin and age.

The open air museum is the biggest collection of gas lamps in Europe. And another surprising fact about gas lamps in Berlin: more than half of the historic gas lamps worldwide are to be found in the streets of Berlin, in numbers: you will count 37,000 gas lamps in the German capital.

Listen to our talk for more and go check out this cool place.

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