Episode 60: Stralau Peninsula



Halbinsel Stralau, 10245 Berlin


  • Held one of Berlin’s first underwater tunnels to Treptow
  • Area of 1.2km²

Have you ever heard of the Stralau peninsula? It is this piece of land between Rummelsburger See and the Spree river and a wonderful place to see the sunset.

One of the most interesting buildings of the Stralau peninsula is definitely the Flaschenturm. Today, the Flaschenturm is nothing more than a residential apartments building, but it represents the development of the Stralau area resulted from the Stralau-Rummelsburg station (today Ostkreuz, check out our Episode 56!) inauguration. It was built in 1929-1930 as part of the Engelhardt brewery already there since 1887, three years before former Ostkreuz got its first platform. The tower is listed as a protected monument and it only became an apartments building in 2009.

So we have talked about the industrial boom of the Stralau peninsula, but did you know that the area has been of great importance since medieval times? Check out our talk below to learn more about the former Stralau Castle!

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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