Episode 61: Rotes Rathaus

rotes rathaus roberta caldas


Rathausstraße, 10178 Berlin


  • Designed by architect  Hermann Waesemann
  • Built between 1861 and 1869
  • 74m high tower

Located in Berlin’s most popular district Mitte you will find the town hall, called Rotes Rathaus. From here, you reach some of the city’s main sights within 5 minutes or less: the TV Tower, Museum Island, and soon the new/old City Palace. So if you come to Berlin with very little time, this is probably a good spot to visit for a high dose of the city’s culture and history.

This week we want you to get to know Berlin’s City Hall. Maybe at first that sounds slightly boring, but we will convince you of the opposite.

The history of city halls in itself is very interesting. Already in Ancient Greece, which is considered as the foundation of modern Western culture, towns had early versions of town halls, in which the councils would meet to discuss and consult.

In Germany, town halls became integral components of towns and cities during the Middle Ages, and in many cities, you will still find a historic city hall that has witnessed the last couple of centuries around it. Curious to learn more about Berlin’s City Hall?

Listen to our talk below!

Photo: Roberta Caldas | Episode: Ute Linden

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