Episode 66: The Luna Lager Bunker

luna lager bunker roberta caldas

Strasse von Schönholz / Hermann-Hesse-Strasse, 13187 Berlin


  • Part of the second largest Nazi labor camp in Berlin
  • Only remnant of the Ausländerlager Schönholz

Have you ever visited Schönholzer Heide? Well, you should. This is an amazing park with wild nature in the north of Berlin. And as every other corner of the city, this park has a lot of history to tell.

One of these stories that are part of History, is about Berlin’s second largest Nazi labor camp. Today, if you go for a run in the park, there are almost no traces of this dark past there. Almost. Because one of the bunkers from the International Camp Schönholz (Ausländerlager Schönholz) survived and, although it is slowly being swallowed by nature, you can still see it.

From Hermann-Hesse-Strasse, find it on Schönholzer Heide’s southwestern corner. And to know how the Ausländerlager Schönholz got its Luna Lager nickname, check out the talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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