Episode 68: The Soviet Memorial in Schönholzer Heide

schönholzer heide soviet memorial roberta caldas


Northern part of Schönholzer Park, 13156 Berlin


  • Burial site for circa 13,200 Soviet soldiers
  • Built between May 1947 and November 1949

Go Walk the Talk’s episode 66 was about the remaining bunker of a Nazi forced labor camp in Schönholzer Heide. This is just a park, so perhaps you didn’t expect it to be able to surprise you even more, right? Well, on today’s episode you will learn about the Soviet Memorial there. And it is not tiny. It is, by the way, the biggest Soviet cemetery in Berlin.

The memorial in Treptower Park might be larger, but there more soldiers were buried in Schönholzer Heide. Their layouts are very similar, but there are a few differences, though. Got your attention?

Check out our talk below to learn more about Schönholzer Heide Soviet Memorial and maybe go compare it with the one in Treptower Park:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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