Episode 69: Garbátyplatz

garbátyplatz roberta caldas


Garbátyplatz, 13187 Berlin


  • Named in 2000 after Josef Garbáty
  • 6500m²

Today, Garbátyplatz is a commercial area right outside the Pankow station. There you can find several stores and an office building. Although the area was nameless in the 1930s’ until 1944, it already held the same goals: there you could find not only the deposit of the city’s cleaning company, but also all sorts of shops and services, such as opticians, food market, a fashion store and even a funeral home. But to know more about the origins of the square’s name, we must go further in the past.

Named after the great Josef Garbáty, a man ahead of its time and the owner of a cigarette empire that was only dissolved during Hitler’s rule, the gigantic sign carrying the Garbáty name in the square is well deserved. Today, you can see pictures of the old factory inside the Edeka supermarket in the square.

To learn how great Josef Garbáty was, check out the talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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