Episode 72: The Corbusierhaus

corbusierhaus roberta caldas


Flatowallee 16, 14055 Berlin


  • Built from 1956 to 1958
  • The only Interbau building out of the Hansaviertel
  • 530 apartments

Looking for an unexpected building in the district of Charlottenburg? The Corbusierhaus is just the right place for you.

It is HUGE.

530 apartments from which 173 have only one room, 267 have two rooms, 85 three rooms, 4 have four rooms and one special apartment having 5 rooms. Can’t quite picture it yet? Maybe this will help: the building is 141.20 meters long, 22.96 meters wide and 52.94 meters high.

Since 1979, the Corbusierhaus is solely occupied by the apartments’ owners that together founded an association aiming to preserve the original design of the monument-building.

To know more about the history behind the Corbusierhaus’ construction, check out the talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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