Episode 76: Botanischer Volkspark

botanischer volkspark roberta caldas


Blankenfelder Chaussee 5, 13158 Berlin


  • 34 hectares
  • Designed by Albert Brodersen
  • Originally opened in 1909
  • Approximately 6,000 species of plants

The Botanischer Volkspark is ultracool. Originally designed to be a place where Berlin kids would learn about nature and plants, the park today holds several opportunities for a great day out, such as hanging out with deers and walking in a forest with plants from all over the Brandenburg Mark.

One very interesting place to visit in the park is the Geological Wall (Geologische Wand). Developed in late 19th century, the wall is 30 meters long and 2,50 meters high. It was supposed to teach the public of the Humboldhain Park about the geological history in Central Europe based in 123 stones from different parts of Germany. When the Botanischer Volkspark was opened as an educational nature park, the wall was moved there where you can still see it today.

Already excited about visiting this place? Don’t miss the talk below and learn about the park’s greenhouses and their former collections:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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