Episode 86: The Rosenstrasse Protest

block der frauen roberta caldas


Rosenstrasse, 10178 Berlin


  • Badass women led protest
  • Memorial sculpture by Ingeborg Hunzinger

There is a sculpture in Berlin remembering a really cool event: a protest. If you are thinking that protests are not so special in Berlin, wait to know more about this one.

Created by Ingeborg Hunzinger, it commemorates the week long protest by women who wouldn’t leave the streets until their Jewish husbands were released by the Gestapo. Yes, you read right. A bunch of ladies during the Nazi regime freed their husbands from the Gestapo.

The sculpture was put up in 1995 and is called Block der Frauen.

To know more about the Rosenstrasse protest, check out the talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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