Episode 90: The Bears of Berlin

roberta caldas


Köllnischer Park, 10179 Berlin


  • Built during the Nazi regime
  • Definitely too small for five bears to be living at the same time

Maybe you have seen the bear pit in Köllnischer Park next to Märkisches Museum. Built in the late 1930’s, the Bärenzwinger has housed up to five bears at the same time. The first two bears were presents from the Swiss city of Bern. Like Berlin, Bern also has a bear on its coat of arms.

After the Second World War, the bear pit was reconstructed and new bears were donated again by Bern. The place is like a small island with a tiny outside area and an indoor sleeping area. The last inhabitant of the Bärenzwinger, Schnute, died in 2015. We hope never to a see another bear in there again.

But what’s up with Berlin and its bears? Does the city’s mascot have anything to do with its name? Curious to know? Then you should listen to the talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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