Episode 92: Volkspark Rehberge

roberta caldas volkspark rehberge


Windhuker Str. 52A, 13351 Berlin


  • 78 hectares
  • 20 meter high toboggan
  • Created between 1926 and 1929

The Volkspark Rehberge is one of the best Volksparks in Berlin. Created during the Volkspark movement of the 1920s, the park is one of the biggest parks from the Weimar Republic.

There are sports fields, a toboggan and even a lake! Well, three lakes. As if it was not enough, the park also counts with an open-air stage and even a dance ring. And animals, a bunch of animals like mouflons and pheasants. Remember the bear Schnute from Episode 90? Well, after his death in 2015, the neighborhood of Mitte decided to invest the money that was going to his enclosure in the animals of Volkspark Rehberge.

To know more about the history of Volkspark Rehberge and the Volkspark movement of the 1920s, listen to the talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas


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