Episode 96: The Science and Technology Park

Kopfbewegung roberta caldas


Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin


  • Science and technology are being developed here for over 100 years
  • Home to the first supersonic wind tunnel in the world

The Science and Technology Park resisted two World Wars and the Berlin Wall in its mission to innovate. This is a big deal. Think of it: this is the place where great minds get together to move the wheel of the human potential for over a century!

Here are the TOP 3 places to explore at the park at any day of the week:

windkanal roberta caldas

Große Windkanal

A protected monument since 2010, this wind tunnel was used for aerodynamic tests. Its 130 meters of extension were built between 1932 and 1934 and the whole thing is still incredibly impressive.

roberta caldas trudelturm


Built between 1934 and 1936, the Trudelturm looks like a concrete egg laid by a gigantic space chicken. Also listed as a protected monument, it is 20 meters high and it was used to simulate the spinning fall of a plane with models.

sculpture roberta caldas

Kopfbewegung sculpture

This sculpture by Josefine Günschel and Margund Smolka is mesmerizing. Two heads made of several slices that move very slowly on independent axis creating a constant change on a surface — a face — that is normally easily recognized by our human brains. You just have to see it.


EXTRA STOP: Landschaftspark Johannisthal

Too much to see in this park, so here is an extra stop for you. Today the place where the first German engine plane flew lays a natural protected field for foxes, rabbits and other local animals. A walk around the protected area is worth the trip.

To know the more about the history of this impressive place, listen to the talk below:

Photos and episodes: Roberta Caldas

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