Episode 104: The Tegeler Forst


Schwarzer Weg 80, 13505 Berlin


  • Tallest tree with 43 meters
  • Oldest tree of Berlin with 900 years

Berlin is a big city, the biggest in Germany, but it is also, perhaps unexpectedly, very green. There are many forests and green areas around and within the city, but it is in Tegeler Forst where you’ll find Berlin’s oldest tree. The 900 year old tree is 1.30m high, has a circumference of 6.65 meters and it has a name: Dicke Marie. The name was given after the cook of the Waldhütte, the restaurant near the tree, by the explorer and philosopher brothers Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt.

Besides the oldest tree in Berlin, the Tegeler Forst houses the city’s tallest tree. How tall that is? By August 2000, it was 43 meters high, so we can assume that it is even taller now. It took a while for it to grow this high, though: the tree was planted in 1795.

Other cool spots to visit in the forest are the Schloss Tegel which still belongs to the Humboldt family and the forest animals which lie close to the Tegeler See.

To listen to the audio version of this post, check out the talk below:

Photo and episode: Roberta Caldas

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