Roberta Caldas is a PhD candidate in BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg trying to figure out how to make a city’s heritage interesting and memorable. After her Bachelor in Social Communications and a Master’s in World Heritage Studies, she grew more and more frustrated with how history and heritage is communicated.

Go Walk the Talk was born in April 2015 from the idea that history and heritage do not need to be taught in a classroom. In fact, the best place to learn and get involved with our local history is outside at the places where things happened and are commemorated. With short posts and free talks around 2 minutes long, the idea is to keep it simple and cool. This way more people can access information and understand that odd statue next to the subway, or a street name that previously bared no meaning to them.

During its first year, Go Walk the Talk counted with two hosts: Roberta Caldas and Ute Linden. This project would never have happened without Ute’s help and motivation. Ute has now left the project, but her legacy continues. Ana Schwedhelm is the talented voice you listen on the beginning and end of every episode. Oliver Schmoi is the designer responsible for the site’s logo and visual identity.

Go Walk the Talk now enters a new expansion phase where short tours about the Berlin Wall and Holocaust victims are being offered as yet another way to teach Berlin’s heritage. For more information, please contact tours@gowalkthetalk.org


  1. Roberta e Ute, parabéns pelo site, belo trabalho. Muito legal. O texto,a gravação super up to date Amei! Continuem! Beijo grande!! Além do que Berlin é mesmo um must!! Transpira história, arte everywhere!!


  2. Hello Roberta. Thank you for your great work. I just sent you a FB friend request. I am a historian/professor in NYC and would like to correspond with you about your research on “personal stories to interpret uncomfortable heritages.” Thank you in advance. Edward Paulino


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