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East Side Gallery tour

East Side Gallery by Roberta Caldas

The East Side Gallery is the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall. But what does it mean? What are those murals? Street art? Graffiti? Why does it look so abandoned?

In this tour we will talk a bit about the history of Berlin Wall, but will focus more on the meaning of the East Side Gallery when its murals were painted and its significance today. We will discuss events that took place in the area before and after the fall of the Wall. You will learn about the politics behind this stretch in the past 27 years as well as the tradition of art on the Wall.

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Price per tour (max 6 people): 40 euros
Starting point: Ostbahnhof

Berlin Wall tour

window of remambrance roberta caldas

The Berlin Wall was the biggest symbol of the Cold War, but it was also a physical barrier separating a community, friends and family.

In this tour we will walk along Bernauer Strasse talking about the history and functioning of the Berlin Wall as well as the victims it made. We will discuss the tragic fate of victims and the heroic deeds of people that risked their lives to help others to cross. This is a tour about courage, tragedy and refuge.

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Price per tour (max 6 people): 40 euros
Starting point: Nordbahnhof